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Buckmark LBP

 We are considering making the RFD Buckmark LBP's again. We will be using Lothar Walther barrel blanks and will look into mounting an Aristocrat rail on the top that will also take a Red Dot. If anyone has an interest please contact us.
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Smith & Wesson LBR

The Europa LBR

The Europa is an LBR (Long Barrelled Revolver) designed and developed by Ballistic Arms of Kentucky, USA and conforms to the UK Firearms Law relevant to Section 1 firearms. The Europa is a.38/.357 LBR built around the action of a Smith & Wesson 686 revolver.

The Europa will be supplied with a black Duracoated aluminium sleeved Shilen 1:14 barrel and aluminium ‘under lug’. Your Europa will be supplied with an Aristocrat TS6T rail of your choice.

The Europa will also be supplied in a high quality protective carry case.

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