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PPC Guns - The Westerner - Smith & Wesson 686

The Westerner is a .38/.357 Match Grade PPC revolver based on the world acclaimed Smith & Wesson™ 686 ‘L’ frame 6 shot revolver.

(The model shown has ‘Bill Davis’ grips available as an extra)

  • ‘Round’ barrel form to give a ‘Western’ look and extra weight.
  • 1”dia. 6” long Stainless ‘Bull’ barrel 1:10 with 6 grooves. Our barrels are not batch produced - each        barrel is individually screwcut to suit the frame into which it will be fitted.
  • 11° machine turned ‘Forcing Cone’ producing a fine tool finish and then hand lapped to minimise bullet drag and aid with cleaning.
  • Satin bead blasted finish to frame, barrel and hammer.
  • High polished cylinder.
  • ‘Lead in’ on cylinder chambers to aid fast reloading.
  • Polished muzzle with 11° dished muzzle protection crown and with hand lapped secondary muzzle entrance crown.
  • Tuned trigger action with ‘stoned’ and polished critical bearing surfaces to minimise friction points thus giving a silky smooth and minimum effort trigger pull.
  • Double action trigger pull at around 4lbs (for use with ‘soft’ primers).
  • Reduced and re-formed hammer and rebound springs.
  • Reworked cylinder latch mechanism to reduce cylinder drag.
  • Uniquely designed removable ‘underlug’.
  • Aristocrat © sight rails fitted as standard.

Available on new Smith & Wesson™ 686’s or ‘selected’ pre used guns (other models available soon).