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Long Barrelled Revolvers (LBR)

Long barrelled revolvers (lbr)


The Europa Style

Built around a Smith & Wesson 686 L frame revolver in .38/.357" calibre.

The Europa LBR can be supplied 'out of the box' or we can Match Tune this for you to give you the ultimate experience in revolver competition shooting. The barrel sleeve and underlug is available in various Cerakote colours.

A number of  The Europa's are currently being used in National competitions on the Gallery rifle circuit. 

The Carbon Fibre barrel style

Built around a Smith & Wesson K, L or N frame style revolver in various calibres. 

As standard, the Carbon Fibre models are always supplied ready Match Tuned. Our Match Tuning of Smith & Wesson revolvers is second to none - our expertise has been gained over the years during countless trips into Europe to 'Tune' PPC and similar styles of Smiths.

As standard we supply our LBR's as 6 shot models, however, for IPSC style competitions we can also supply 7 and 8 shot versions.

Please contact us for further information on these excellent products.