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Long Barrelled Pistol (LBP)

RFD Long Barrelled Pistols (LBP)

Buckmark Conversions

This is a picture of an Browning Buckmark Rifle that has been converted into an RFD Long Barrelled Pistol. The model shown has had a total bead blasting applied which is available as an optional extra - the standard conversion would retain the original black frame.

Our RFD LBP's are extremely accurate and have proven themselves on the GR circuit - we have supplied a top UK shooter who has achieved a UK National record with one of our conversions.

Their accuracy is partly due to having a fixed barrel where many current LBP's have a moving barrel that can induce inaccuracy.

We have designed a highly accurate Match Grade Carbon Fibre shrouded barrel using a Lothar Walther barrel blank and this has reduced barrel weight to give an excellent centre of balance to the pistol. 

This conversion can also include the machining of the existing Buckmark 'top strap' so that an Aristocrat sight rib can be fitted if required - this is shown in the image above.

The Aristocrat sight rib can either be just an 'open sight' version as shown in the picture or one incorporating a Weaver style rail for the optional mounting of a Scope or Red Dot - without these mounted the 'open sights' can still be used. There is also an option for a fibre optic front sight that is supplied with both a Red and a Green bead.

 Various options are available from just modyfying your existing barrel through to a complete Buckmark Rifle conversion - please contact us for further details.