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RFD Match Grade products for Gallery Rifle

Custom Build .22LR Semi Autos based on the Ruger 10/22© platform

RFD Customfirearms (Rude Fat Dog) supply superb quality high specification Match Grade Rifles, many of which are being used by National and International Gallery Rifle shooters.

All our Custom Builds are 'hand built' which means that all the parts are checked and fitted to ensure the highest quality of fit and performance. Every Custom Build is 'live fire' tested prior to despatch to ensure full functionality.

All of the Custom Builds that we have supplied over the years have incorporated either a KID Single or 2 Stage trigger - we consider these to be the best that are currently available.

The majority of the barrels that we have supplied in our Custom Builds have been KID 'bull barrels' (parallel along their entire length). The 14" KID barrel has been the favourite with the 16.5" coming in as a close second. We have also supplied the KID barrels in 12.5", 18" and 20" configurations. The 16.5", 18" and 20" are available fluted and the 12.5", 14", 16.5", 18" and 20" are all available threaded and are supplied with a KID thread protector. A KID tapered barrel is also available.

Some of our shooters prefer a lighter barrel so we offer the KID lightweight and Ultra Lightweight barrels and we can also supply WhistlePig and Tactical Innovations barrels.

All of our Custom Builds to date have been fitted with a KID Match Grade Bolt and we also use the KID Bolt Buffer and retaining pins.

Our receiver of choice is from Tactical Innovations and these are usually in stock in either Black or Silver - a Stainless Steel version is available to order as are many other colours for the aluminium billet version.

A few of the RFD Match Grade Custom Build .22LR Semi Auto's that we have supplied over the years.